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Douglas Leadership Coaching

Coaching and advice for leaders in growth-minded organizations facing change, competition and disruption

Who We Serve

Senior and emerging leaders in growth-minded organizations facing change, competition and disruption. These are organizations with the greatest motivation to:

Clarify and communicate their “true north”

Our clients know that purpose and vision endure change and that aligning teams and the workplace around purpose cuts through a lot of distracting noise

Develop leadership talent

Our clients work with us to train managers to coach to performance and create an environment of continuous, constructive feedback

Foster agility

Our clients work to find out what’s stifling innovation and then create empowered teams with appropriate autonomy

Engage all levels of talent

Our clients know that engaged talent is productive talent. Unlike their elders, generations now entering the workforce demand both development and purpose.

What We Offer

We offer executive coaching and business consulting to drive leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Each engagement is customized for the client to include:  

Accelerated performance

Coaching leaders and leadership teams beyond their subject matter expertise to enhance their emotional intelligence, overcome resistance, build relationships, influence others and steward vision.

Leadership development

Accelerating the development of your organization’s next generation of leaders. Inventorying the strengths and behaviors that allowed them to progress into leadership. Identifying and practicing new behaviors that will be necessary for the next level of achievement.

Purposeful vision

Deeply understanding and communicating an organization’s values and core competencies, often for the purpose of pursuing new market opportunities.

Roadmap for change

Designing a roadmap for the successful transition of one organizational state to another. Building a culture grounded in core values to enable the resilience and agility to withstand ongoing change.

How We Work

We collaborate to create a customized engagement plan and delivery approach. We conduct exploratory conversations and listen deeply to understand desired outcomes and anticipated challenges.

You can expect Margaret and her associates to:

• Understand the feelings, goals, fears and dreams of leaders

• Observe leadership thinking patterns, motivation, style and relationship building with the intent in bringing out the best in each leader

• Develop insights based on both what’s being said and what’s not being said

• Look for connections and question the relationship between what may have previously been seen as disparate phenomena

• Sort through noise and clutter to see patterns where others see complexity

• Reframe business as it is known to introduce new perspective and opportunity

• Play out alternative scenarios

• Bring energy and enthusiasm to talent development and change management


Margaret brings a wealth of both real-world experience and evidence-based training to clients.

Previous Roles

Director of Digital Marketing, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

President, Marketing Crescendo Consultancy

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Digitas LLC

Board President, Deborah’s Place

Senior Vice President of Client Service, Leo Burnett Arc Worldwide

Managing Consultant, Cap Gemini Consulting


Organizational & Leadership Coaching Certificate, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University

MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Bachelor of Arts, School of Journalism, University of Wisconsin – Madison


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